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Want a personalized Xtreme Runner sweatshirt??!!
All runners who receive 10 or more donations of $50 or more will get a personalized Xtreme Runner sweatshirt! 
Sign Up Event This Thursday!
Join us at Minyan Shelanu for an amazing registration kickoff party. This Thursday July 6 @ 8:30pm @ 145 Ocean Ave in Lkwd. See you all there!
Get To The Gym!
All runners get FREE membership to The Gym of Lakewood. The earlier you join the longer you get to take advantage of this amazing offer! Thank you to The Gym #sponsor
Registration Is Now Open!
Join us today! Register as an individual or as a team and support a great cause!


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Zig Zag Balance
Monkey Bars
Cargo Climb
A- Beam Balance
Wall Climb
Horizontal Cargo Climb
Muddy Balance Beam
High Beam - Get Over it
Hanging Rope Crossover
Over & Under Series
Double Bar Climb
Pipe Dream Crawl
& Many More!!
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