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Shimon Grunhut

Shimon Grunhut

I am very excited to have joined the 2018 Xtreme Runner event. Not only do I get to have a great time on the course but i can support a cause that is very dear to me and our community. Minyan Shelanu has become an integral part of the Lakewood community, providing love, mentor-ship, and a home for teens who may not be welcome anywhere else. I appreciate all the support I can get to help me reach my goal! Together we can overcome obstacles together!
Sincerely, Shimon


raised of $1,800 goal

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1. YFYitzchok Fuchs
Hey shimon!!!!! Good luck! We miss you!! The Fuchs
2. HGHershel Glick
3. BRBracha Reich
Hottest bro!!!(sorry Shmush & Nachum, but on ure pages I write that about u) giving you $1 per pound of hair u chopped off. It’s almost $5000 minus the 2 zeros. Imagine how much faster you’ll be able to run this year without all that weight on ure head!!! Love you!!!! Continue making us proud! Shoutout to all 37 guys who live in the Grunhut dorm! Your favorite coffee straw throwing sis (and maybe bro in law) maybe you’ll convince him to give his own donation so he could write you a comment
4. SGShimon Grunhut
5. PPinny Muller
Go shimmi
6. AAtara and Aaron
GO our favorite uncle SHIM!!!! Your a cricket head ! Love you!
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