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Gitty Brandwein

Gitty Brandwein

I’m excited to announce my newest endeavor, an undertaking to support a cause that truly resonates with me.

On November 4th, 2018, I will be running in XTREME Runner, an Obstacle Run to raise money for Minyan Shelanu.
I’ve chosen to support Minyan Shelanu for the wonderful work they do, providing love, mentorship and a home for teens who may not be welcome anywhere else. As someone who has personally witnessed the efforts and work they do, this is a cause that is important to me.
Life for a troubled or struggling teen is fraught with fear and frustration and the feeling of non-acceptance. At the Minyan, everyone is welcome and supported in a non-judgmental environment. It is a place where anyone can feel at home.

Please join me in supporting this most worthy cause! My goal is to raise $1,500 by then, and I – along with Minyan Shelanu – am counting on you to help me reach it!


Gitty Brandwein


raised of $1,500 goal

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