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LG Cusano

LG Cusano

I am very excited to have joined the 2019 Xtreme Runner event. Not only do I get to have a great time on the course but i can support a cause that is very dear to me and our community. Minyan Shelanu has become an integral part of the Lakewood community, providing love, mentor-ship, and a home for teens who may not be welcome anywhere else. I appreciate all the support I can get to help me reach my goal! Together we can overcome obstacles together!
Sincerely, LG


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1. Lieba Myers
If only the tes vuv cheshvon kids were older then 9... Gluck n Have Fun!!!
2. Reuven and Elana Davis
3. Yael
4. Malky S.
Run Laya run!
5. Tzivia Brander
Go Laya!! You make Spruce proud!
6. Suri Fasten
Good luck!!
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