The WiNK Extremists

The WiNK Extremists

The WiNK Extremists

welcome to OUR page!!!
We are raising money for minyan shelanu who helps teens and gives them a safe and warm home to help them

Please donate. Every $1 counts.

Thank you in advance!!


raised of $6,600 goal

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1. GGidday
From one sloaner to another...
2. SWSarah Wallin
From one sloaner to another
3. MKMichla Karmel
4. RRebecca Lapides
5. AAzie & Batsheva Garfein
Hatzlacha Raba to all the Wallin Runners!! No matter the outcome enjoy the run!! Azie and Batsheva Garfein
6. CWChana Wallin
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