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Today's Episode of "Tzippy Has Lost Her Mind"

Tzippy Newman

Tzippy Newman

Okay guys! I always love a good challenge. That is why in all my craziness I have decided to join the 2019 Xtreme Runner event. I did this crazy obstacle course 3 years ago and had a blast while raising funds for a phenomenal organization that helps teens at risk. Minyan Shelanu has become an integral part of the Lakewood community, providing love, mentor-ship, and a home for teens who may not be welcome anywhere else. I appreciate all the support I can get to help me reach my goal! Together we can overcome obstacles together!

#effcancer #takingcontrolofmylife #weightlosssagacontinued #beYOUtiful #goalcrusher #WHATAMITHINKING #AMUDRUN #OBSTACLECOURSE #whaaa

Sincerely, Tzippy


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